Great utility for file-sharing on the Internet


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With Hamachi, long distance network connections have never been easier. This free application lets you create virtual local networks without all the hassle that accompanies having to configure your firewall and other connection parameters.

Using a secure IP network connection with a P2P network structure, the program establishes a VPN connection between two or more computers so they can then do all sorts of things together as if they were on a local connection, from playing video games to having access to files locates in the shared folder.

Once you access Hamachi and create an account, a virtual IP address is assigned to you and serves as your identifier every time you connect to the program from the same device.

This way, you can safely establish a connection between two computers without any space limitations and with no need for cables; all you’ll need is this program that creates a room which up to five users can connect to in the free version. The number of rooms which you can simultaneously join in to is unlimited.

Plus, the utility also includes an instant messaging service which you can use to talk to other users online, and a small beginners tutorial so you don’t get lost the first time around.
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